What Is Life Coaching?

How Can a Life Coach Help Me Overcome My Challenges and Fulfill My Ambitions?

By definition, life coaching is a process of helping people understand and define their goals in order to achieve outstanding results, both in their career as well as personal lives. A life coach is part therapist, part motivational speaker, and part consultant. They work with entrepreneurs, managers, as well as regular folks, helping them achieve their goals.

Think of life coaching as a sort of athletic coaching. Just like Olympic athletes have their own, personal coaches who help them achieve great results and exceed expectations, life coaches help regular people take their businesses, careers, or lives to the next level. Life coaching is very similar to individual counseling, only that it focuses more on pushing limits and breaking barriers rather than tapping into past personal issues or emotional problems. In other words, life coaching teaches you how to reach your biggest dreams and goals by making the right decisions at the right time.

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